Dr. Jeff Cantor is the Founder and CEO of Defense Coach and Cantor Tactical, Safe Travel Specialist and the Mission Ready Global Academy, global leader in providing comprehensive expert travel security, counter terrorism, counter extremism, defense, protection, response and risk management consulting services and training worldwide.

Jeff-CantorDr. Jeff is a master defense coach, professional educator, global security expert and travel security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist, Hostile Environment Security Advisor, high risk environment close quarter combat instructor, high risk environment security instructor, SWAT instructor, active shooter response and defense instructor, escape and evasion instructor, tactical edged and impact weapons expert, hand-to-hand combat expert, corporate trainer, published author and noted speaker.

Jeff has spent his life in the dedicated service of saving lives and protecting people, governments, corporations and organizations from dangerous situations and high-risk threats.

Jeff’s myriad of real world experience spans planning and executing security and tactical plans and operations to minimizing exposure to liability, recovery of victims of kidnapping, protecting high value targets in high risk environments, asset transport and relocation including setting up safe houses for at-risk people and personnel in international forums.

He is a subject matter expert advisor, consultant and professional trainer with decades of active experience who has successfully provided professional consulting and training for SWAT Teams, the military, undercover operatives from federal agencies, foreign presidential protection details, contractors, law enforcement instructors, security professionals, corporations, NGO’s, NRA instructors, state troopers, prison CERT teams and self-defense instructors and private citizens around the globe to help them achieve their mission objectives. He has delivered keynotes and seminars to multinational corporations such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Munter’s, ARROW and other corporations.